Your Online Presence vs. Your Offline Presence

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Your Online Presence vs. Your Offline Presence

When I meet a print owner in person, they tell me about their business with great passion. They tell me their unique story which includes history, drama, ups and downs, and mostly delivering great value to customers they love. Then if I’m lucky enough to visit their location, I get to meet their team, see their facility, and get a sense of the energy of the business. I love this. Where it all usually breaks down is when I go online to see if this “offline presence” is carried over into their “online presence”. Regrettably it almost never is – the website is dated, there is no story, there is little “life” in their online presence that resembles their offline presence.

Is your online presence equal to or better than your offline presence?

This is a serious problem given that most people start their buying research online, this means new customers first impression of you is your ONLINE PRESENCE. Think you don’t have time to mess with your website? Think again. Do you have time to mess with improving your first impression? I know, I know, you’ll say I don’t get customers through the web, I’m business-to-business. Most people (both consumers and people working at businesses) go online to start their buying research, being business-to-business doesn’t get you off the hook here.

Your website is the center of your online presence, everything you do online should be about driving traffic to your domain, telling a compelling story that converts prospects to customers.

Think about your offline presence – what do your sales representatives and customer service people say about your business? How do you present your business to the community? All of this offline story needs to be represented in your online presence.