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Is your website getting the traffic it deserves? Without proper SEO strategies your site can be as secluded as a tiny backwater town. It’s time to connect main-street to the highways and get traffic flowing.

We help printers build a SEO optimized
online marketing foundation.

The foundation of any online marketing strategy rests on your search engine optimization (SEO) infrastructure. Too many businesses waste their time creating content that’s not tied to a search engine strategy. No matter how good the content, it’s not getting “found” by their target audience.

We believe in pulling traffic to your site by creating compelling content which tells your story in your customers’ language. We help printers create sustainable inbound marketing programs, starting with a search engine optimization (SEO) foundation, a content marketing platform (blog), and assistance in writing marketing content that won’t actually read like marketing content.

The Typical Process

Identify the unique stories and marketing messages of your business

Identify your keywords / keyword research and analysis

SEO Optimization of your website

Create a content marketing strategy

Optimize your social channels

Common Print Online Marketing Projects

Defining your online marketing strategy
Keyword strategy and search engine optimization (SEO)
Building a content marketing platform
Writing compelling content
Implementing Google AdWords programs