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If your business data can’t be accessed, organized, or properly read, why are you still collecting it? It’s time to get smart about Business Intelligence.

We bring your print business data to life.

Whether you use it or not, your business is constantly churning out data. Because of its sheer volume and unrefined state, and because it’s typically stored in a bunch of different locations, many printers have no feasible way of leveraging this important resource.

Business Intelligence tools are the connectors between you and the untold stories of your raw data. These tools create a system for gathering, translating, and presenting data in an actionable way which helps you make informed decisions based on the hard reality of your business.

By helping you set up a custom array of tools that exclusively fit your business and your budget, Web2Print Experts will make it easy for you to join the Business Intelligence intelligentsia. Our print Business Intelligence solution blends your data into a single view (dashboard), making the presentation of its information manageable, insightful, and accessible by the right people. We’ll unlock the secrets of your raw data, illustrate your business’ strengths while sniffing out its inefficiencies, offer predictions about the future of your business, and explore and discover new avenues of productivity.

You have so much valuable information at your fingertips. Stuff that other companies would kill for. Gold. Start treating it like that.

The Typical Process

Understand the audience for your dashboards

Understand the business questions you want to answer

Understand your data source

Connect your data sources

Create your dashboards

Common Print Business Intelligence Projects

Business vision analysis: what should you be measuring?
Dashboard implementation for different internal roles
Dashboard implementation for customers
Data cleansing and data normalization of your Print MIS
Business Intelligence as a strategic differentiation