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PIA’s Converge Conference

When: November 6-9, 2010

Where: Memphis, TN

About Converge: The Converge Conference recognizes the need for leadership both in innovation and practical applications. This unparalleled collaborative program concisely provides the elements to formulate a strategy—a blueprint for your future.

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About My Session: America is more web-centric than not, 73% of Americans turn to the web as their first option to find more information, search for products and services, and ultimately transact in a self service manner. Ecommerce is a critical component of your overall participation in the online ecosystem. During this session, Jennifer Matt will describe the overall online ecosystem and specific ecommerce strategies you can deploy to build new print businesses online. Local and regional printers can compete online but it requires you to change your strategic approach from “push” direct sales to “pull” conversational marketing. The web customer wants to know you, like you, trust you, and THEN pay you. Direct sales resources are being replaced by compelling content and an engaged conversation with your customers. The good news – virtually all the tools are free!

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