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In B2B User Adoption Starts with Sales

I hear it all the time. We implemented a web-to-print system for our customer and they don’t use it.

Sound familiar?

Whose job is it to drive user adoption in a business-to-business e-commerce program? You might be surprised by my answer but it is SALES and most importantly it should be done DURING THE SALES PROCESS.

I was speaking with a print sales representative recently and they said, “I don’t sell web-to-print because nobody uses it.” I asked them about one of their customers – here’s the list of questions I asked:

  1. What is the size of the potential audience for ordering materials? (they didn’t know)
  2. What was the order volume of these materials using offline methods? (they didn’t know)
  3. Where does this community go to get other products and services like these from their company (they didn’t know)
  4. How does the community find out about products and services being offered by their central office? (they didn’t know)

You can’t call yourself a sales person if you’ve failed to ask these critical questions. User adoption is about setting the expectation with your customer that they need to think about the who, what, why, where, and how of this program BEFORE you invest in it. I’m not talking about giving your customer a lot of work to do, I’m talking about teaching your customer and helping them launch a successful program.

Sales has to start the conversation about user adoption, communication programs, and offering a feedback loop with their community so the program can continue to improve.

What have you done to improve user adoption for B2B web-to-print programs? Share your best ideas with the WhatTheyThink community via the comments to this post.

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