Promotional Video & Film

We help printers find the artistry of print promotional videos.

Our award-winning film team specializes in the kind of quick and pithy films that get noticed online. They can also to jazz up training films and promotional videos so that they’re actually entertaining, making them relevant and worthwhile as stand-alone viewing experiences.

We’ve learned that it’s easier to educate an audience that is entertained and engaged. Your sales team will be thankful for that. And we’ll even trick them into learning something. We’ll tee up the sales process by providing a captivating, ready-made story that transfers effortlessly from sales team to prospects.

The Typical Process

Understand your goals

Develop an idea and theme

Write the script

Shoot the video

Publish and optimize for SEO

Common Promotional Video & Film Projects
  • Customer testimonials that are stories
  • Online commercials, promotional film
  • Explanation videos on specific products and services
  • Social media shorts for Vine, Instagram, or Snapchat
  • Presentation video packages