The Fear of Launching Print Software

The Fear of Launching Print Software


The more effort, money, time, and emotion we put into a print software project, the more fear creeps in before launch. This project matters, maybe I should find one more thing to tweak, one more test to run, one more person to ask their opinion? This can go on FOREVER, don’t let it.

Launching is hard. Don’t let the fear stop you. The online world is a cacophony of experimentation. Nothing you launch will be perfect, everything you launch will cause some numberĀ of customer/employee complaints. Think of your web-to-print or Print MISĀ launch as an incremental step towards accelerated learning. You can’t learn very fast if no customers are using your product. Launching puts you on the race track of learning from real users.

Launch, stay calm, keep your confidence about you, don’t let every nit picky comment throw you off. Humans don’t like change, don’t take it personally. Listen calmly to complaints and then always follow up with advantages/benefits of the new solution that the customer might not have noticed. This too will pass, customers and employees will settle into the new norm before you know it.


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