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The Intellectual Property Buried in Your Print Business

Every person in your business solves challenges every day with the tools they have at their disposal and the tools they are comfortable deploying. There is a rich set of intellectual property buried there which can be retrieved by listening and understanding how humans look for ways to build trusted systems. One of my favorite …


Avoid Common and Costly Traps of Print Software Evaluation

Evaluating software is not a math problem, please don’t count the number of features and award the deal to the highest score. Print software must solve your challenges, in the order of importance to your business. Have you ever looked for a piece of print software, found one and said, “this does everything we need.” …


Understanding Order Entry from Your Customer’s Perspective

Too many online order entry tools are discounted because the printer fails to see the value from their customer’s perspective. Don’t let your competitors use your customer experience to replace you. One of the biggest barriers to the implementation and adoption of order entry tools (web-to-print) in the print industry is our inability to understand …


Print Software Evaluation – First Define the Problem It Solves

Every software tool sets out to solve a set of problems, all too often the problem is never defined because the sales process focuses on solutions, benefits, and features. Take the time to understand the problem print software solves and most importantly whether you have that problem! Software is the business tool of our time, …


Software is our Primary Business Tool

Buy, implement, build – software is part of your everyday business life now. It is the primary tool for all businesses. Last week I attended a conference in Boston. The group gathered in Boston had one thing in common, they all utilized offshore development teams to build software. The group couldn’t have been more diverse; …


Understanding the Software Development Process

Making good software is like building a nice home, it takes multiple resources who are coordinated to deliver on your needs. The more a printer understands the software process, the better they will be at managing it for internal projects or influencing the software roadmap of their vendors. If you want to hear print owners …


The Danger of Rushing to a Solution

We want to be efficient, we want to feel smart. When we hear even the first words of a challenge, we categorize it and start trying to solve it based on our available tool set. This prevents you from a real understanding of the problem. Every print business has a set of technology tools to …


Your Customer’s Lack of Change Management Kills Web-to-Print Adoption

People don’t like change, they need to be led through change because the transition between “how you’ve always done it” and the “new more tech-focused way to do it” can be a river of misery. You have a great sales representative, they found a great client. They bought into the idea of having a web-to-print …

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