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Podcast Episode 13: SaaS Business Models

SaaS has many components, hosting, ownership, and the business model between vendor and customer. In this podcast we discuss the different business models typically offered with SaaS solutions.


Podcast Episode 12: Technology Platforms and Web to Print

Software is built on a development platform, for example .NET or Java. There are new entries into the mix which are focusing on the move from desktop/server based software to internet/cloud based solutions. What should you know?


Podcast Episode 11: Web to Print ROI

Calculating ROI as it pertains to web to print requires you to take into consideration hard and soft costs. What could your technology resources be doing for your prospects and customers if they weren’t maintaining web apps?


Podcast Episode 10: Is Web to Print Just B2B Portals w/VDP?

Web to print has been narrowly defined as B2C portals with VDP applications, there is a much more valuable definition that is based on self-service ecommerce.


Podcast Episode 9: Integration

Integration is part of almost every software conversation these days, but what does it really mean? When two systems act as if there are one – you have real seamless integration. Most integrations fall very short of this ideal.


Podcast Episode 8: B2B AND Consumers

Most printers service B2B customers, yet all those customers are potential consumers of print in their personal lives. This podcast explores how you might service both markets by leveraging the relationships you already have.


Podcast Episode 7: Common Objections to Web to Print

Tune in and hear three common rationalizations for NOT implementing web to print – or to say it another way, for not embracing the online world.


Podcast Episode 6: Markets vs. Products

Moving your business online requires you to look at markets vs. products. Think of why people are printing, what they are trying to communicate, and to what audience vs. how many, what products, and what printing method.

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