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Learn from Print Sales Losses

When you lose a sales deal, how does your company react? Do you have a culture of learning from losses or do you have a culture of blaming? A sales loss is a treasure trove of learning—successful companies evaluate and adjust for their next pitch.   What does your print business do when you lose …


Delegate the Right Jobs to Software

Every industry is being transformed by a new staffing option for the “jobs to be done” and that staffing option is software. Your business needs to get stuff done—some of that stuff needs to be done by humans and a lot of that stuff needs to be done by software. There are two kinds of …


Web-to-Print is a Tool for Your Customers

Prepress automation, streamlining your customer service department, and reducing the time between inquiry and jobs getting on press – these are common feature requests for web-to-print systems. They are all about you (the printer) – web-to-print isn’t about you! Web-to-print is for your customers!   One of the most important aspects of your business from …


“Do I Have to Go Through an Account Manager?”

Our important customers get our attention and our dedicated resources. What happens when customers prefer online tools over dedicated resources? Read on to find out. How many printers today use this statement in their sales process? “We will assign you a dedicated account manager.” My guess is most printers use this line when chasing large …


Embedding Real Print Workflow Change

A print software application can do certain jobs for your business. Once you’ve proven it works, don’t forget to execute. Deploy the software so it does that job across your entire organization. Read on to find out how. Every print business is using software to run their business, from Microsoft Word to their Print MIS. …


The Culture of Business Meetings

The meeting is a tool that should be used sparingly. It is expensive. It is for a specific purpose (alignment, understanding, status check-in, etc.). It is overused and the art of running a good meeting is underrated. The job of running a print business is about getting a group of people to execute daily in …


The First Few Weeks Using New Print Software

When new software is implemented in your native environment – that’s when the real learning happens. Everything prior to that point was theoretical. Take this time to learn how this software uniquely meets the needs of your business. The implementation of new software technology can be challenging on multiple fronts. We both want to get …