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Collaborative Print Sales

When sales become more complicated, involving more people on both sides of the equation, you need a team player to facilitate collaboration. A winning sales team is a combination of subject matter expertise and relationship building. If your print company is selling above what I call the “job level,” then the sales process probably involves …


Buying Print Software is a Marriage

When you invest in software for your print business, it’s like a marriage because you want to have a healthy long-term relationship with the vendor. Changing software is painful and expensive (like divorces). Did you realize your business was getting married when you made that decision to purchase the print software that is critical to …


Innovation with Print Software

The source of our innovation is moving from the production floor to the customer’s mobile device. We are going from the differentiation based on speed, quality, and finishing to differentiation based on solving customer’s data challenges way upstream of the printing press. Software is one of many tools print businesses have in order to innovate. …


Delivering Relevant Benefits in Print Sales

Sales is about catering your company’s solutions to the specific challenges that are relevant to their current situation. There is no better way to lose a prospect’s attention then to talk about subjects that aren’t relevant to them. I was reviewing a PowerPoint presentation the other day in preparation for an important print sales meeting. …