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Strategy vs. Tactics in Print Software Projects

Strategy vs. Tactics in Print Software Projects A print software strategy is a definition of where you want to end up – an objective, a goal for how you want all the software components in your business to work together. If you like football, strategy is the end zone, getting the necessary three yards to …


Does This Print Software Fit into Your Technology Stack?

There is no “one software package” that runs your entire business. Businesses of all sizes have a technology stack (a collection of software). How well your technology stack fits together (like a beautiful puzzle) greatly determines your success in today’s market.   The software you need to run your business can be thought of as …


Clear Communication with Print Software

By Jennifer Matt   Assumption: a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. We all make assumptions all the time, consciously and unconsciously. Human nature doesn’t like uncertainty so rather than asking clarifying questions, we assume and move forward. This is so dangerous. Question: “Can your Print MIS integrate …


Excel, PDFs, Paper, and More People (automation-less)

We apply tools from our toolset to solve business challenges, often those tools create silos of data and processes inside our company that prevent us from becoming a truly data-driven organization.   When we are faced with a challenge in our business, we apply solutions from the toolset we are comfortable with, hence Excel is …


Print Software Execution is the Differentiator

I wish you could just buy the right print software product and it would make you successful. You can’t. Success with software takes your execution. Software doesn’t implement itself, vendors can’t implement it without your active involvement. We spend a lot of time and effort procuring print software (print MIS/ERP, production workflow, web-to-print). When large …


What Makes Print Ecommerce Weird?

Selling print online requires knowledge of how to both accept artwork and deliver print assets to the manufacturing facility. Generic ecommerce firms don’t understand this which can cause printers to spend their time and money educating resources about what makes print ecommerce unique. There are a lot of companies out there that will take your …


Software Features are Trees – See the Forest

Step back and regroup. Stop looking at features and focus on the overall business objectives of your software solutions. All of us (vendors and printers) need to get out of the feature focus so we can make better software decisions AND make the software we have work better for us in spite of the lacking …


With Software Changes Maximize Learning, Avoid Fear

Mistakes are part of our lives and our businesses. Nobody likes to make them, how you react to your mistakes dictates what kind of business culture you’ll create. Software changes are an excellent environment to create a learning culture and avoid a fear based culture. You don’t know. Admit it. It can be liberating (certainty …


Assumptions Are the Enemy of Good Software Decisions

When both parties in the print software sales process make assumptions, poor decisions are made. Money is wasted. Time is squandered. Replace assumptions with clarifying questions so you come to a common understanding of the truth. An assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. Unfortunately, we …


The Fear of Launching Print Software

The more effort, money, time, and emotion we put into a print software project, the more fear creeps in before launch. This project matters, maybe I should find one more thing to tweak, one more test to run, one more person to ask their opinion? This can go on FOREVER, don’t let it. Launching is …

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